How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

How does gender affect your life?
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Re: How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

Post by Duckspeakungood » 11 Oct 2018 20:21

I had a





there was definitely ONE PARTICULAR MOMENT that I can pinpoint where I went from "transgender ideology is a little confusing and crazy but I'm mostly on board with it as an ally" and "I am now a full-on radical feminist, full stop."

I was reading a debate between people who thought pussy hats appropriate wear for the women's march and people who thought they were transphobic. The trans activists were saying, "One last time, we will ask you nicely to stop wearing your cissexist pussy hats." The radical feminists were saying, "Men are telling women what to wear."

My first thought was "But transwomen are women, so it's really women telling other women what to wear. Not men telling women."

I might have left it there...I might have stayed right there and not peaked...but then I saw a picture of a penis fucking a pussy hat.

And I thought,

"Penis owners are telling vagina owners what to do."

And then I thought, "Wait, where have I heard this before? When has this happened before in human history?"

And then SNAP BANG BAM I peaked, HARD, all at one time. It completely changed the way I view the entire social and political atmosphere. It's been hard going from "the world is tough but we're moving in the right direction and I have a nice little liberal social bubble" to "we are living in an Orwellian dystopia and I can count on one hand the number of people I can talk to about it without getting physically attacked."

The good thing is everything makes more sense now.

The bad thing is the fighting with my teenage daughter, who had already drunk the transactivism Kool-Aid and has two MTF and a lot of FTM friends.

I know radfems are opposed to using "penis owner" and "vagina owner" terminology, but it truly IS what made me see the light. It was like a translation mechanism for me. If I can help anyone else peak by temporarily using the language they understand, I will, even if it's not as accurate as we'd like it to be. I had to "get it" from where I was at the time.

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Re: How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

Post by Pretty Funny » 04 Nov 2018 16:31

It was around 2001 when I watched a documentary about Germaine Greer and read her book The Female Eunuch. What Greer said about transsexualism and it being connected to misogyny sounded astonishing but seemed to make perfect sense. However, after a little while I forgot about the whole thing. Later I read about "brain sex" and accepted that view. Then, a couple of years ago I found some articles about radical feminism that criticized the trans phenomenon. And I kept reading... and reading. Finding Magdalen Bern's videos on YouTube was another important milestone. She explains things so logically that I just can't accept the typical PC view anymore.

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Re: How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

Post by Root » 17 Nov 2018 09:00

- while watching OITNB when all the "dumb" women didn't know anthing about their own bodies and a dude had to to tell them how a woman's body works.
- when checking out Tumblr for the first time. Wow do they like to play the victim there. Most oppressed, killed every 5 seconds, suicide threats to get what they want etc. Disturbing stuff.
- how MtTs are "glamourized". When Jenner was on the cover of some magazine or when the one from OITNB did a photoshoot people were commenting with stuff like "better looking than cis women" and I was just baffled. Being a woman is not a fucking photoshoot.
- the amount of lesbophobia coming from the trans community. Calling us bigots for not being attraced to men. Calling us terfs for knowing that men can't be women. Calling us transphobic for not being atracted to "girl dick" *vomit*

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Re: How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

Post by marge » 22 Nov 2018 03:27

I used to be a good trans ally. And I bought into a lot of the ideology. And it didn't feel right, but I just kept trying to convince myself it was fine. There were a lot of red flags, but I ignored them. The moment I saw the majority of comments on a document outing a trans woman who raped a woman more outraged at the "dead naming" of the rapist than about the actual crime, my uneasiness over trans ideology went from a nagging feeling in the back of my mind to an alarm I couldn't ignore.

I'm still sympathetic to transsexuals. I know several who understand that there is a mental health condition they're addressing when they transitioned and that this kind of thing wouldn't exist in a better society without gender. They don't believe in the crap about some innate gender or that they have the same experiences or oppression as me. But I just don't take the crap ideology of trans activists and ridiculous gender theorists anymore.

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Re: How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

Post by dee » 27 Nov 2018 07:58

As a woman whose always had 'masculine' interests and an aversion to femininity I was never able to take seriously the idea of a woman brain vs a man brain. It helped, at the time I began to know more about trans, having a radfem sociology prof in college who talked about it (15 years ago or so)

I grew up with an extreme misogynist as a father and had struggled with being a girl in a home where women were hated that I can relate to not wanting to be the sex you were born as. However it was clear to me, at least once I grew old enough to reject the idea that I was flawed because I was a girl, that the problem was not internal but the result of a broken society and being raised by a self loathing woman and a hateful sexist and not wanting to be the loser in that dynamic. If I were born 30 years later I think I'd have been considered to transition to a boy.

I do have a fair bit of stereotypical masculine traits but as I've grown comfortable in my own skin and understood the internalized misogyny I'd been carrying I'm actually quite feminine too, at least in ways that are pretty meaningless lol. The thing I've come to realize is actually I'm not even all the different from all the other women I've decided I couldn't relate to, since the Uber femme was just a bogeyman of a person I'd created to distance myself from to protect myself from misogyny. Real women it ends up are not at all like what I was taught women should be and one lives up to those ridiculous stereotypes unless they are playing a gender role.

I'm also still sympathetic to people who are trans; as I said I could have gone that way if times were different in my vulnerable youth and it's hard place to be. The gender roles forced on people are harsh and destructive and I don't want anyone to be oppressed by them. It's difficult to straddle the compassion for individuals while critical of a movement without feeling like the annoying patronizing xtian 'love the sinner' type but on the other hand the movement is so damaging to women and feminism.

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Re: How did you #peaktrans for the first time?

Post by Dea-Ex-Vagina » 01 Apr 2019 12:57

Honestly for me it was more peak-libfemming.

It was kinda two things that lead to a conclusion: First, a transgirl in met while playing online, and who was immediately and without apparent reason very into me, who very much out of the blue, once asked me if in the hypothetical situation of me having sex with her, i'd recognize her as a woman. That was the most direct and down-to-the-point question anyone could've ever asked me regarding the topic, and it was also so very much typical that a male would naturally assume sex before consent.

Then, the comment section of wehuntedthemammoth. I won't go into it here but hooooly shit... The. Fuck. It drove me to radical feminism so quickly I can barely remember why i ever thought i'd have to bother with crap like this at all. The all too-eager hate against women labelled 'TERFs' to me made it glaringly obvious.

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