Gender abolition in reality

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Re: Gender abolition in reality

Post by Irina » 12 Feb 2019 21:33

It's kind of obvious that you are not a feminist and don't understand much abt why women "complain".
If you found the goal you believe is superior, you should go for it and share your findings (or the findings of your community), any new evidence would be helpful. The thread on scientific proof doesn't exist on this forum because there are only a few members and no biologists among them to lead the discussion. If you are well-versed in science, you can pioneer the discussion and find support of other members.
Essentially it is a feminist forum and it doesn't limit itself to the science behind gender abolitionism.

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Re: Gender abolition in reality

Post by Peach » 13 Feb 2019 04:44

We talked about all these topics for years, it's not that we're new to the subject. The purpose of a forum is that we share, but we're not limited to a few highlights or sensorship.
Feel free to share your ideas.

This forum is also an extension of my YouTube channel.
Since you're interested in brains, here's one:

BTW, you're not well informed about the trans herassment against lesbians. Gays aren't supposed to date transmen and transmen don't take over their events. Gay men are left alone.
Lesbians are constantly called bigots and transphobes for refusing dick. We aren't allowed to gather without dicks. Transwomen call themselves lesbians and prey on lesbians. Lesbians aren't even welcome at pride when we refuse dicks. It's huge and toxic.

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Re: Gender abolition in reality

Post by EinLeben » 14 Feb 2019 20:27

nofemalebrain wrote:
12 Feb 2019 05:12
(I want to make men and women behaviorally and mentally 100% identical.)
Why would you want to do that, and how?
I have no desire to be identical to men, or any other human being for that matter. Differences are a part of life. There are differences between men and women. That's not a bad thing. Gender norms are however the problem in these differences. Gender is what causes so much harm. The taught behaviours, and societal expectations are what drives a wedge between humans. It's what makes men dangerous, and teaches women to submit in to the patriarchal hierarchy.

As the others have said, if you think a topic needs to be discussed, start a thread on it. Either people will take an interest and respond, or they won't.
While we are discussing easily solvable crimes against women, evolutionary psychologists, liberals, conservatives and other enemies are getting stronger
If these issues were so easily solvable, they wouldn't be issues.

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