Mumsnet feminist chat

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Mumsnet feminist chat

Post by Theodora » 29 Oct 2018 21:04

Hi, I became aware of the most recent gender issues we're now facing through reading the mumsnet feminist chat board. I think it is a valuable resource, and my perception is that it has been- hacked? I am not very IT literate so not sure if that's the right term. But basically, whenever I look at the feminist chat board, on whatever medium, phone, laptop, work computer, tablet, the computer is affected. Spam, blank screens, very slow. Basically impossible to use. This doesn't happen to me on any other website, or even on any other chat boards in mumsnet- no problem reading about babies if I want to! So my perception is there is an attempt to stop women talking to each other about feminism and gender on a mainstream and well known website- is this possible? And if so could this be publicised? I think it matters, because the site is so well known.

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Re: Mumsnet feminist chat

Post by VestalVirgin » 04 Dec 2018 12:00

I recently tried looking at the feminist chat, and had no problems viewing it. So, I'm not sure.

How about we invite some of the most stubbornly feminist users from mumsnet over here?

I was banned on mumsnet about a year ago for ... not being "nice" enough about my gender criticism (no idea how others there manage to tiptoe around males' sensitive genderfeelz) and I miss the people and conversations.

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