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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by BannedX3 » 06 Jan 2019 04:40

Peach wrote:
04 Jan 2019 04:32
BannedX3 wrote:
03 Jan 2019 07:46
I have never been married and I have no children. Those last two were easy life choices for me since I regard marriage as a death trap and the laughter of children the equivalent of waterboarding.
That part about children and waterboarding really made me laugh. :icon_lol:
I'm happy I could give you a good chuckle!

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Siren » 16 Jan 2019 18:12

Hi all  :icon_e_smile:

Only just found this site via Twitter. I’m a 39ish yr old lesbian from the deepest darkest countryside in SW England. I’m keto and don’t eat cake (don’t hold it against me).

After being supportive of all trans folks for ages, I hit peak trans about this time last year. Very grateful to all the radfems out there putting their heads above the parapet talking about it.

My best lesbian mate is transitioning FTM. She no longer wants anything to do with lesbian/womens stuff anymore and I’ve kinda lost my partner in crime. I hope for her sake it really makes her as happy as she expects. Don’t currently know anyone IRL who I can speak about these things with, and other than lurking on Twitter, I don’t do social media.

I likes camping, live musics, surfing (badly) and anything that involves being on the beach, which is always where I would rather be.

Very glad to have found this forum! Thank you to those who set it up.

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Dea-Ex-Vagina » 19 Jan 2019 09:37

Hello! I'm 30-ish, from Germany and i like dubstep and drum and bass. <3

I've found my way to feminism at first through Anita Sarkeesian around 2010, before that i totally "wouldn't call myself a feminist, but!" would go around telling people, much to their appropriate disbelief, that i'm a man in a woman's body, being very much fine with the body. Later i learned that what i ofc unwittingly meant by that, was that i consider myself human even though i'm female. Bonkers.

I love that i found this forum. I think it's really important for younger women like me to connect with women who are older and to give us an outlook on life that is not basically Stepford Wives 2.0 and i absolutely agree with BannedX about the deathtrap thing. I know they are trying to tell me 'unwantedly bearing children has surprisingly made my life absolutely happy and rich', but all i ever hear is 'i need your life to become like mine to validate my choices.'

On another note, did Twisty stop being on the internet? Her writing is brilliant, i unfortunately only found it more recently and i'm sad that i havent read anything of hers since.

Peach, thank you for this and all the work you put into this. You're glorious!

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Amareldys » 20 Jan 2019 13:52

Hello, I wandered over here from Reddit. I was told this is where we are going when we get kicked off Reddit, figured I'd get into it now!

I appreciate the sanity. I am geographically isolated from my longtime friends, and connect mostly through FB and yearly visits... with FB I feel like I am peering through the window at a world where everything has gone nuts, words have no meaning, we are told we need to deny the reality of our eyes. It's nice to feel like I am not alone.

I'm in my 40s, married with kids, bi but that is pretty irrelevant in my life right now.

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Lesbian » 21 Jan 2019 04:41

Dea-Ex-Vagina wrote:
19 Jan 2019 09:37
Hello! I'm 30-ish, from Germany and i like dubstep and drum and bass. <3
...I love that i found this forum. I think it's really important for younger women like me to connect with women who are older and to give us an outlook on life that is not basically Stepford Wives 2.0...
Patriarchy wants to keep older/younger women separated and out of touch with one another.
They want younger women to believe what men tell them it is to be an older woman. They do not want older women to share their experiences with younger women so that the younger ones know more in advance, and they do not want women to get the strength that both older and younger women draw from friendships that cross generational lines.

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Sibyl » 21 Jan 2019 18:57

Hello Lesbian, dea, Amereldys and Siren -

My user name is Sibyl and I am new here too. If I could change my user name, I realized that DoomedSibyl is more what I was going for and more reflective of the experience of an awakened feminist in our world.

I now am an "older" woman, having just turned 50 a few days ago and I so wish that I could pass on my experience and what wisdom I have to younger women. The compassion I feel for them, even the third wavers as they embrace pornography, sex slavery and the internalized male gaze or perhaps especially the third wavers as they are led up the primrose path to their own destruction, is so poignant and heart piercing that it harrows the spirit.

We ignore older women because they are no longer on men's sexual radar - at least not most of the time. A huge irony that invisible to men also means invisible to women and to the detriment of all women. I am at a turning point and crossroads in my life. I am fifty and the last twenty years of my life have been spent fighting a chronic cancer (that will at some point be terminal again) and taking care of and sacrificing for the people around me, because as a sick person, I stopped thinking about my life as a life and myself as a person - the ultimate in female self abnegation. But I am done with all of that and my mind and heart are on fire. I just pray that I can get a bit more strength from my body so that my mind and heart are able to do what I want to do. I am asking myself what is important to me and one of the biggest things for me is women and feminism. I care about women and our oppression and ending it. I try to observe the patterns of sexism in the every day and the colonization of internalized misogyny so that these things can be identified, fought and changed.

Siren. I am so sorry about your transitioning friend. For a lot of reasons, but first because you have lost your friend and partner in crime as you put it. We all need that. Secondly, because I believe that the rise in female to male transitions is less about "brainsex" and more about the internalized misogyny of "I'm not like the other girls." taken to truly extreme levels, especially in adolescent girls who are getting and feeling the full burden of female social sexualization at that point in their development. I too am often afraid to speak up, not only because of the violent backlash, but because like most people, I both don't want to be unkind, or be perceived as unkind. But this must stop.

Mini Rant about Trans that Just Came Out - Feel free to skip on the basis of TL DR.

While reading about the whole trans thing, I found one place where we might fight without being perceived as big meanies. And it is this. How on earth are the hormones and even worse, the surgeries not getting serious pushback as horriffic violations of medical ethics? I am serious about this. I've known for a while that the "phalloplasty" of the female to male transition was still at an extremely experimental stage, but I thought that the male to female transition was a bit better. It isn't. It really isn't. I also thought that the relatively small number of female to male trans sexuals period, much less the even smaller number that would opt for mastectomies and phalloplasty was so small as to be statistically insignificant, but that is changing. And I worry for the young girls and women who are being socially seduced into this, not understanding what is really bothering them, which is sexism.

For male to female trans, what passes for a "vagina" in surgeries to transform a male into a pseudo female is just as horrifying and dangerous. It turns out that making a vagina isn't easy. In fact people who do transition are not only sterile, but incapable of orgasm and perhaps most normal sexual function (and that little truth is difficult to uncover and referred to only in euphemisms) and worst of all, do not have a "vagina" but an open wound that is prone to chronic infection and has to be cared for as an open wound for the remainder of the transitioners life. Seriously. This may explain why it is only a small percentage of people who actually have bottom surgery as it is called. Hormones and puberty blockers harm not only children but adults who take them too. Children who take puberty blockers lose fertility and sexual functioning whether they go on to have the full surgery and often even when they de-transition. How is this not seen as an incredible violation of medical ethics? This isn't even transition but is in fact a deformity. We are giving people deformities on request due to fear and misplaced compassion. Look at the example of Jazz of I am Jazz.

Supposedly Jazz, let his parents know that he was "really a girl" by the time he was two years old. Whatever you think of gender essentialism and trans sexualism, two years old has to raise some rational questions. Most two year olds are still struggling with potty training, full sentences and basic social knowledge. But we are supposed to believe that a two year old was au fait with gender essentialism and could communicate that? And the physicians were on board with this? For these specific parents, with their reality show depicting the willful deforming of their child, can anyone say Munchhausen's by Proxy with a side of greed via child exploitation? What on earth is the matter with us?

I'm not surprised that such a large percentage of people identified as trans are dual diagnosed with autism, because the gender essentialism of pink and blue brains made me shout "What?! Are we all as literal as five year olds?

People are already born as individuals. The full range of possible emotions, talents, vocations, avocations and personality traits can and does exist in enormous individual variation. The problem is that individuals are only allowed to express their range of talents and traits in a very narrow range based on what is considered "male" and "female". Furthermore, because of the intense pressure to present physically in ways that confirm and conform to gender stereotypes our individuality of personality, emotion and talents are forced into a physical and social presentation that may or may not reflect that individuality. We are already born individuals. What we need is the ability to express the full range of our personhood. We don't need to deform our bodies to make individual traits acceptable. Have we all gone insane?
Most women I know feel like outlaws. - Marilyn French

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Zygs » 05 Feb 2019 16:33

Hey All!

I've kinda been lurking since I joined. Just turned 31, bi lady here. I'm Autistic and have multiple autoimmune diseases so sometimes I just don't have the energy. I am truly humbled by the depth of smart, witty, and compassionate women here. Thank you for having this space!

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by Priceless » 05 Feb 2019 20:19

Hi, my name is Pricey, I'm 50, het and would call myself GC rather than radical. I probably won't post much, but I'm an excellent lurker. I have been single for many years, as my opinion of men has just gotten lower as I've gotten older :icon_e_sad: I don't have children and I work full time.

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Re: Hello - Introduction thread

Post by ResistantPersistence » 07 Feb 2019 15:45

I've finally wandered over! I'm a member of Liverpool ReSisters and have named myself after our fledgling podcast. It only has 2 episodes, but we're getting better sound equipment soon so there will be more....!

Off to settle in. :icon_e_smile:

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